7 Days: Reading Genesis in a Scientific Age

As the title suggests, we're wrestling with how faith and science may (& may not) fit together. For the next few weeks, we’ll be looking look at the creation story in Genesis – the one with God speaking things into existence and naked people living in a garden with a talking serpent – and ask: Does this story have any relevance in my modern, educated, iPhone-using, there’s-an-app-for-that life? 

(Hint: We think it does. At least we think it’s worth exploring.)

7 Days: Christ and the Cosmos

7 DAYS: Cain & Abel: What have we become?

In Genesis 4, we get our first glimpse of life "east of Eden." This well-know story of brother killing brother shows us what we become when we attempt to live apart from God and reveals the fundamental temptations that separate us one another. 

7 Days: True Paradox

The Christian faith offers plausible explanations for the central puzzles of our existence, such as our capacity for idea-making, our experience of beauty and suffering, and our inability to create a just social order. When compared with materialism or other sets of beliefs, Christianity provides a more comprehensive framework for understanding human life as we actually live it.

7 DAYS: The Curse

How a piece of fruit and a talking snake give a compelling (& surprisingly comprehensive) explanation of our lives and our world. Genesis 3:8-24

7 days interview: Mario Calabretta

7 Days: What's the matter with people

How a piece of fruit and a talking snake give a compelling explanation of our lives and our world.

7 Days:  A Geologist looks at Genesis

A class featuring Chad Smith

7 Days: The Origin of Man

Genesis 2 gives us a compelling vision of who we are.

7 Days Interview: Chad Smith

Chad is a geologist who has studied the evidence suggesting the earth is very, very old - billions of years. He is also a Christian who believes in the story of Genesis. This is the story of his personal journey in coming to peace with geology and Genesis.

7 DAYS: How reading Genesis as an Ancient Text Solves our Modern Scientific Problems

Genesis was written to an ancient Bronze Age people. Once we understand this, it solves a lot of our modern scientific problems with this text.

7 DAYS: The Song of Creation

What if there’s another way to look the Creation story? If we look at Genesis 1 from different angles, is it possible that science & faith could actually line up? Is it possible to be a modern, educated, scientifically-minded suburbanite AND believe that this is the very Word of God?

Looking to the Heavens

Dr. Jennifer Wiseman is a leading astrophysicist.  She has degrees from MIT and Harvard. She discovered a comet, which is now named after her. And she believes in God. In an age where science and faith are often viewed as opposites, Dr. Wiseman offers a helpful perspective. 

Confessions of a lapsed atheist

Alister McGrath is the Oxford University Professor of Science & Religion. As a former atheist, McGrath is respectful yet critical of the movement. In recent years, he has been especially interested in the emergence of “scientific atheism”, and has researched the distinctive approach to atheist apologetics found in the writings of the Oxford zoologist and scientific populariser Richard Dawkins. He regularly engages in debate and dialogue with leading atheists, and is presently researching the iconic role played by Charles Darwin in atheist apologetics, and the appeal to the controversial and problematic concept of the “meme” in recent atheist accounts of the origins of belief in God.