Speaker Bio: Ian Hutchinson

Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT)

Ian H. Hutchinson’s primary research interest is plasma physics, especially the magnetic confinement of plasmas (ionized gases): seeking to enable fusion reactions, the energy source of the stars, to be used for practical energy production. He and his MIT team designed, built and operate the Alcator C-Mod tokamak, an international experimental facility whose magnetically confined plasmas, with temperatures reaching beyond 50 million degrees Celsius, are prototypical of a future fusion reactor. A graduate of Cambridge University and the Australian National University, he is a fellow of the Institute of Physics and the American Physical Society. He has authored over 200 scientific journal articles and two advanced science text books. He has also written and spoken widely on the relationship between Science and Christianity, in events sponsored by Christian organizations and also in the wider secular media. His new book recently published by InterVarsity Press is entitled "Can a scientist believe in miracles? An MIT professor answers questions on God and science." It answers hundreds of the tough questions that young people today have asked him about the relationship between science and Christianity.