The Redemption of General Butt Naked: Documentary & Panel Discussion

7:00PM Monday, March 5th at Krempels Theatre, University of Valley Forge

Reserve your seats to see this award-winning documentary and join in this important discussion. 

This is the true story of a Liberian warlord who used to go into battle "butt naked" in order to unleash his spiritual powers. He led child soldiers to slaughter 10s of 1,000s. It's horrific. Then, in the middle of the war, a church felt called to fast & pray for him. He had a radical conversion to Christianity, emerged as a preacher of reconciliation, and spent YEARS of his life seeking forgiveness from those whom he had wronged. 

This story deals with the complexity of forgiveness. It forces us to consider the cost of forgiveness. 

Parental Guidance Strongly Advised: This documentary contains adult content/subject matter.