Why We Give


Why We Give

 The Scriptures tell us to give. It’s an act of worship and compassion. It’s essential to our spiritual well-being and a God-ordained means for spreading the message and love of Jesus. Giving is really important, but maybe not for the reasons you think. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus teaches that giving isn’t really about our money. It’s about our hearts. Jesus wants your heart, and he knows that he can’t have your heart if you are controlled by money. Regular, intentional giving breaks the power of money in our lives and sets our hearts on God and His kingdom.


Ways to Give

Ways to Give

 We believe that giving is an act of worship and that giving should be done with a joyful heart (2 Corinthians 9:7) so, we have made it possible to give in many simple and convenient ways.

Text to give

Nothing is simpler than using your smart phone to give. To make a secure donation, text GIVE to (484) 302-7272. If it's your first time, you'll be texted a link where you can register before completing your gift. From then on, you can give anytime you want simply by texting the gift amount to (484) 302-7272. Got questions? Check out the FAQ section below.

Give online

Online giving is a simple way to give through a secure giving platform. You can make a one-time gift or, if you prefer to set up a recurring gift, it takes just a couple minutes to create a giving profile. Simply click on the “Give” button below and follow the instructions on the screen. Check out the FAQ section below for more information about online giving.

Give on Sundays

Giving when the church gathers for corporate worship is an age-old practice that we still welcome today. Simply drop your check or cash into one of the black boxes at the back of the auditorium. If you give cash and want your donation to be tax-deductible, please place it in one of the envelopes provided and include your name and contact information.

Give via your bank’s online bill pay service

You probably already pay your bills through your bank’s online bill pay service. You can give to GVF in the same way. Simply set up GVF as a vendor, then you can make a one-time gift or set up recurring gifts that are sent directly to the church office: GVF, Attn: Finance, 1485 Valley Forge Road, Phoenixville, PA 19460.

Give through the mail

The post office still delivers mail six days per week, so it’s a really easy way to give. Simply send your check (no cash please) to: GVF, Attn: Finance, 1485 Valley Forge Road, Phoenixville, PA 19460.

Give more with a company matching gift

Many companies will match an employee’s gift to an approved 501(c)3 non-profit organization – like GVF. Some companies may initially push back about giving to a church, but by simply listing many of the ways GVF supports organizations in our community, such as Good Works, Orion Communities, and Good Samaritan Services, they will often agree to match your giving.

Give an in-kind gift

There are many kinds of non-cash gifts that you can give and receive a tax deduction. If your gift has appreciated in value, donating it to GVF can also reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes. We recommend consulting with your tax professional before making an in-kind gift. You and your tax professional should then contact the church’s finance administrator at to make arrangements to donate the following:

  • Stocks, bonds, and stock options

  • Planned gifts such as life insurance, bequests, or trusts

  • Real estate


+ I thought credit cards were evil. Why does GVF even accept donations using a credit card??

Credit cards are morally neutral. It’s how they’re used that can cross the line from good to bad. If you pay your entire credit card balance off each month when it’s due and using your credit card to give to GVF is the most convenient option for you, then we can support that. (Keep in mind, though, that credit cards cost GVF much more to process than other giving options, so, there may be other reasons to choose an alternative form of giving). The last thing we want to see, however, is someone go into debt in order to give to GVF. So, if you carry a balance on your credit card each month or you’ve just spent a long time to finally get out of debt, we would encourage you to give another way (see options above).

+ Why do you prefer we user our bank account rather than our credit/debit card?

When giving online or through text-to-give, donations made with a credit or debit card cost approximately 2.5% of the donation amount. Donations made directly from your bank account (ACH) cost much less – approximately 0.75% of the donation amount.

For example, a $250 credit card contribution costs GVF $6.12 but a $250 ACH contribution costs GVF only $1.97 – 1/3 as much. A bi-weekly $250 gift using a credit card will cost an extra $107.90 per year. Multiply that by a bunch of people giving by credit card and GVF is paying thousands of dollars more each year. These are real dollars that go to the credit card processor instead of to ministry.

So, if you have a choice, please consider making your donation through your bank account so that more of your donation goes to the ministry of GVF. Or consider adding 2.5% or more to your gift to cover the cost of a credit/debit card donation.

+ Are online giving and text-to-give secure?

Yes! We work with Kindrid, a vendor with Level 1 PCI compliant standards. That means your donations are stored with bank level security and all your information is transmitted via an encrypted HTTPS connection. Plus, no information is stored by GVF.

+ What if I accidentally text the wrong amount when I text-to-give?

Don’t worry. It’s simple to reverse the donation. Just text EDIT to 484-302-7272 and you’ll be walked through the process to change the amount. If you want to cancel the donation altogether, just text the word REFUND to 484-302-7272. It’s that simple.


Besides it’s convenience, the great benefit to the text-to-give option is that it allows us to immediately respond to God’s prompting as an act of worship.