Looking for a church can feel like a blind date. It's going to be amazing... or just awkward. In order to make this whole thing more amazing & less awkward, we want to give you a chance to check us out & see if we might be a potential match.

Here’s a quick intro to all things GVF: 

Our full name is Grace Valley Fellowship, but our friends call us "GVF." We are a growing church of mostly young families that meets at the Phoenixville Middle School. By "growing" we mean that most of us have been here for less than 3 years. So, if you're new, you'll fit right in. By "mostly young families," we mean that we are all ages, but nearly a third of our church is under the age of 14. (Yeah. Lots of little ones.) Calling where we meet a "Middle School" doesn't quite do it justice. It's a brand new state-of-the-art auditorium. We love it not only because it's such a great space but also because it's in the heart of Phoenixville. 

That's the other thing you should know. While our people come from all over the region, Phoenixville is home. We love our borough & want to be a blessing to all of our neighbors, whether they attend GVF or not. 

You probably have lots more questions. If you click around, you can probably find most the stuff you’re looking for. But, if you need help finding your way, don't hesitate to send us an email!

If you really want to get to know us, you have to meet us. We'll save you a cup of coffee & a seat!