First things first

You do not have to be a member to be a part of GVF! Membership, while important, isn’t your first step. If you’re new around here, we want to encourage you to: 

  1. Attend services regularly

  2. Get connected with others through groups or events

  3. Take a serving role with GVF or outside in the community

  4. Attend GVF 101 class.

Once you’ve decided GVF is your home church, and done some (or all) of these, it may be time to think about membership.

What Membership all about?

You won’t find membership – where you pay your dues & then get special privileges – in the Bible. Joining a church is NOT like joining a club.

But, in Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 3, 4, 5, & Colossians 3, the Apostle Paul does call us “members” of one Body. Church membership is a living , breathing relationship in which we are connected to one another through Christ. Members of the church are connected to Christ and, therefore, connected to one another.  We need one another. We spiritually grow or wither together.  In some sense, we actually belong to one another.

Membership at GVF is a formal recognition of 3 things:

Commitment, first to Christ and then to one another. 

We want to be authentic. We want to be a safe-place to struggle.  Do you want to bear your soul to someone who might walk out on you next week? Do you feel safe if you feel like everyone would jump ship if any troubles came along? Commitment is the basis of trust & vulnerability.

Permission to hold you accountable to become who God wants you become.

Being open to answering the questions-Are you growing in your relationship with Christ? Do you have relationships with other Christians who will hold you accountable? Are you using your gifts and talents to serve the church? Are you making disciples?

Responsibility for others in our church. 

Will you take responsibility for others in our church? Will you love them enough to challenge & support & push & forgive them? Will you take the risk to invest yourself in the lives of others? Will you protect our church from getting distracted or off mission?

The Membership Process:
[ ] Attend Membership Class (GVF 101 is a prerequisite-so do that first!)
[ ] Fill out the membership application
[ ] Meet with an Elder for an interview
[ ] Act like a member!

Interested in becoming a member, or have questions about membership? Email