What does the Bible say about homosexuality? How do we graciously live out this truth in a way that is glorifying to God & good for people?

The sermons & resources on this page are set up to help you work through these very complex issues. 

Sermons on Homosexuality & the Scriptures

Sermon Excerpts

Recommended books, articles, & videos

Kevin DeYoung, What Does the Bible Really Teach about Homosexuality?

Sam Allbery, Is God anti-gay?

Peter Hubbard, Love Into Light: The Gospel, The Homosexual and The Church

Christopher Yuan, Out of a Far Country: A Gay Son's Journey to God. A Broken Mother's Search for Hope.

Stanton Jones, SAME-SEX SCIENCE (Article in First Things, February, 2012)

Important Biblical Texts to consider

Genesis 1:26-31. God's image is reflected in male & female. He blesses their sexuality. 

Genesis 2:18-25. God institutes marriage between the man and woman. 

In Genesis 1 & 2, gender, sex, & marriage are inexplicably bound to the created order. By design, sex cannot achieve its purpose (reflecting the image of God) apart from two equal but different genders coming together in oneness within the context of the covenant of marriage.

Genesis 3. Sin enters creation.  Psalm 51:5, In our fallen world, people are born with a fallen human nature. 

Genesis 19. God destroys Sodom & Gomorrah. According to Jude 7, sexual immorality & "unnatural desire" was part of the reason God judged them. (See also Judges 19 for an echo of this story among the ancient Israelites)

Leviticus 20:13. God's law forbids same-sex sex. See also Leviticus 18:22, which reads: "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination."

Matthew 19:3-12. Jesus reiterates God's design for marriage in Genesis 2. He also condemns divorce except in the case of "sexual immorality", which is a word that refers to all the sexual sins listed in Leviticus 18 & 20. Finally, he talks about celebacity as God-glorifying alternative to marriage.

Romans 1:18-32, esp 26 & 27. The Apostle Paul describes homosexual behavior as a prime example of what happens when people give up God's rule & design for Creation.

1 Corinthians 6:9-11. Paul includes "men who practice homosexuality" in a list of people who will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

1 Timothy 1:10. Paul includes homosexual practices among a list of things that are "ungodly," "unholy," & "profane."