GVF is at a crossroads. We're growing like never before. Lives are being changed. God is clearly working in our church. And as we think about where God may be leading our church in the next few years, our prayer echoes that of Moses in Exodus 33:18, "Lord, show us Your glory".

And Moses prayed,
"Please show me your glory."

-- Exodus 33:18

We want to see how God is creating and gifting our church, to see how He's moving in our midst, and through that process begin to get a picture of where He's leading us in the next 3-5 years.

And we want you to join with us.

1. Pray with us

For the next few weeks, we're asking everyone who's part of GVF to pray and meditate on Scripture, asking God to show us what he's doing at GVF. Here are a few passages to get you started: Exodus 33:1-18, Psalm 42, Philippians 3:12-14.

2. A day of prayer & fasting

On Wednesday, February 10, we want to commit as a church to pray and fast for God's leading. For all who are available, that night at 7pm we'll break the fast at The Bridge by taking Communion together. (For details about fasting, the description below.)

3. Take the survey

If you did not fill out a survey during the Sunday morning worship service, you can find it here.

The How's and Why's of FASTING

We fast in order to give God our full attention. Fasting is using our whole self, body & soul, to pray. While some people give up food, others might give up Facebook, T.V., cell phone, caffeine, or something else that distracts from God. Use the time that you would normally spend on those things to give yourself to prayer and reflection on Scripture.

While everyone is invited to fast, if you have any health concerns (e.g., low blood sugar, pregnancy, illness, etc.), please don't give up food! If you do choose to give up food, please make sure to stay hydrated.