Join Our Team

Our legal name is Grace Valley Fellowship, but our friends call us GVF.  We are a fast-growing church of about 550 regular attenders (400 showing up on any given Sunday), mostly young families, that meets at the Phoenixville Area Middle School. By “fast-growing,” we mean that we’ve doubled in the past few years, growing by more than 30% in the past year alone. By “mostly young families,” we mean that nearly a 1/3 of our church is under the age of 14.

Our mission is simple: make disciples who make disciples. If this sounds like something you'd like to be part of,  then CLICK HERE to tell us a little more about yourself (cover letters & resumes would be appreciated).


We expect everyone on the GVF team to have the three "C"s.

CHARACTER. Our church is for broken, hurting people. In order to lead people to a place of health & wholeness in Christ, you need to be exceptionally healthy & whole. You must be mature & maturing in your faith, grounded in daily disciplines (prayer, Bible reading, etc.), committed to the mission of God, an example in sharing your life with others (fellowship), and extremely discerning in matters of faith & life.

CHEMISTRY. You have to “fit” with our team & show an appreciation for the culture of GVF. When you hear our values, something in you should say: “Yes!” Please check out our  doctrinal statement,  missionsermons page, & our FB feed & ask yourself: Do I believe in what GVF is doing? Could I give my time & energy & creativity to what they are doing? Do I want to go where they are going?  If the answer to any of these is “no,” then it’s not a fit. 

COMPETENCY. You have to be good at what you do. What we are doing is of utmost importance for the One who deserves our best. We are a driven, hard-working team, and we are always striving to get better. If that excites you, then we are excited to meet you.


PASTOR OF DEVELOPMENT & ALIGNMENT // Coaching, inspiring, & empowering ministry leaders to execute the mission of GVF!

CHILDREN'S MINISTRY DIRECTOR // Leading, training, managing, & serving in this crucial ministry to our kids & families

WORSHIP & PRODUCTION COORDINATOR // Schedule, organize, support, & help produce so that our worship team can do what it does best!


Interested? Send cover letter & resume to